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Chapter 1 - Getting Started-Free 3D Studio MAX Video Tutorials
  1. Touring the Interface
  2. Special Controls
  3. Managing Files
  4. Backing up Files
Chapter 2 - Creating Objects-Free 3D Studio MAX Video Tutorials
  1. About Creating Objects
  2. Creating Mesh Objects Standard Primitives
  3. Mesh Objects Extended Primitives
  4. Creating Shape Splines
  5. Placing Text
  6. Creating Sections
  7. AutoGrid and Helper Grid
  8. Units of Measure
Chapter 3 - Viewport and Navigation Display-Free 3D Studio MAX Video Tutorials
  1. Customizing Viewports
  2. Changing Viewport Resolution
  3. Navigating Viewports
  4. Test Rendering
Chapter 4 - Object Selection and Display-Free 3D Studio MAX Video Tutorials
  1. Selecting Objects
  2. Region Selection
  3. Selecting by Name
  4. Grouping Objects
  5. Changing Object Display
Chapter 5 - Transforms-Free 3D Studio MAX Video Tutorials
  1. Transform Tools
  2. Transform Gizmos
  3. Advanced Controls using Transform Centers
  4. Precision Aids and Other Transforms
Chapter 6 - Modifying Objects-Free 3D Studio MAX Video Tutorials
  1. Bend Modifer
  2. Twist Modifiers
  3. Noise Modifier
  4. Free Form Deformations
  5. Lathe Modifier
  6. Animating with a Melt Modifer
  7. Ripple Effect
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